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As busy HR Professionals, management training can often take a back seat; however, with the New Year fast approaching now is the time to plan your training agendas for the financial year ahead. At Boyes Turner we are finding more of our clients using employment training and coaching as a way equipping managers with the tools to deal with difficult personnel issues, whilst also developing key management skills. People training is a key HR solution.

To find out more about employment law training for managers and how training can raise your management standards read on.

Its time to talk about training

Why Train?

We all know the importance of staying on top of product and industry knowledge, but when was the last time you trained your managers in employment law issues? Training on employment and HR issues IS IMPORTANT. Training gives managers the confidence and knowledge to deal with matters – and recognise them early. Training raises awareness of HR and employment law as part of day to day management practice. It also raises the risks to managers of failing to comply with employment law issues – including their own personal liability.

Training could also give employers possible defences in tribunal claims – ask yourself, could your organisation successfully defend a discrimination claim? If management undertook regular training on equality and diversity issues, the employer had a policy on equal opportunities which was also monitored and “lived” as an organisation; the opportunity of raising the statutory defence becomes an option for it. Prevention is always better than cure and training managers ensures that businesses are in the best position possible to demonstrate a commitment to key people issues.

At our Productivity focused events this year, we looked at how we can engage and motivate our leaders and teams. One of the ways to inject engagement and focus is through training and people development. Your people want this too. Training and people development shows a commitment to your people, making them and others see your business as a “destination employer”.

Who should you train?

Managers, HR staff and senior teams will all benefit from training either as a first step to compliance or as a refresher. Employers could also consider linking employment law training to promotion as a 'step up to management'. Having a lawyer to present a training course also means the message is taken seriously by staff and again reinforces the importance the business places on management training and HR. Think too about wider employee population initiatives through online training and webinars.

But it’s not just legal training, what about wellbeing courses on stress or resilience, soft skills courses focusing on managing difficult conversations or how to give feedback.

How do we start?

Emma O'Connor, Head of Training says "Start small! From experience, it is better to offer 'bite sized' training on key areas such as equality and diversity, managing conflict or recruitment, rather than training on the whole of employment law in a day. Employment training should be targeted and focused, with courses designed to meet individual businesses and their needs and business drivers. Training should also be engaging and interesting; for example, we use role plays, quizzes and mock disciplinaries and grievances to engage the audience and demonstrate how they can apply their training in practical scenarios."

Why choose Boyes Turner’s HR Training Academy?

Our Employment group has developed a reputation for its "hands-on" and practical approach to training. At the centre, is a focus on helping businesses take advantage of opportunities and producing effective and commercial solutions to problems. This approach is designed to help clients better manage their risk and help them reduce their legal expenditure. It is an approach that sets the group apart from most other law firms' employment teams. We are happy to design bespoke and flexible training products with clients to suit their own timings and budgets. Face to face training, half day, full day, “lunch and learn” session, online or webinars – there’s no excuse: it’s time to talk about training.

Consistent with our policy when giving comment and advice on a non-specific basis, we cannot assume legal responsibility for the accuracy of any particular statement. In the case of specific problems we recommend that professional advice be sought.


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If you have any questions relating to this article or have any employment issues you would like to discuss, please contact the Employment team on [email protected]

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