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Sarah Williamson, Head and Partner of Commercial & Technology, and her team advise primarily on commercial agreements, covering an array of sectors such as technology and media, marketing and advertising and intellectual property. They also advise on the selling and acquiring of goods and services internationally and nationally and have a specialist brand guardianship team.

In this video, Sarah discusses how her team support their clients with critical negotiations, understanding what it is they want to achieve and what the client wants to get out of the agreement. This ensures the negotiations are handled professionally so that it is beneficial for both parties in what can often be a long-standing relationship.

To their clients, they are trusted advisors, advising on their business aims and objectives collaboratively. Understanding how they want to grow their business and what the pinch points are, so their team can give their clients more value for their money.

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If you have any questions relating to this video or have any legal disputes you would like to discuss, please contact the commercial & technology team.

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