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Helen Goss

Helen Goss


Unlock the secrets to navigating the latest twists and turns in employment law with Helen Goss, Partner in the Employment team and Andy Whiteaker, Partner and Head of Employment, as they dissect the significant shifts set to transform UK workplaces. 

Join us for an insightful dialogue as we untangle the complex web of flexible working, holiday pay calculations and how Brexit reshapes UK employment law. We'll illuminate the distinctions in entitlements between EU-derived leave and additional UK regulations, and analyse the ripple effects of the Harper Trust and Brazil case on part-year workers. 

Together Andy and Helen, we'll also explore the crucial expansions in redundancy protections for parents and the streamlined 'microtransfer' procedures in TUPE regulations, offering a lifeline for smaller business transfers and an exemption for electing employee representatives. Don't miss this comprehensive tour through the maze of rights and protections altering the employment law scene in the UK.


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