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Helen Goss

Helen Goss


In this episode, Andy Whiteaker and Helen Goss, talk about the versatile world of hybrid working and financial wellness in the workplace. Together they reveal the makings of a successful hybrid model, where the tug-of-war between remote freedom and office synergy is at its peak. The episode highlights four key areas of concern: communication, connection, creativity, and culture. 

The episode also delves into the topic of financial wellness. They're shining a spotlight on the candid trend of 'loud budgeting' that's sweeping across TikTok, reshaping how millennials and Gen Z navigate financial discussions. With a firm grasp on these concepts, they discuss how forward-thinking employers are not just acknowledging the financial strains of inflation but are actively assisting through innovative resources, emergency funds, and transparent talks about the delicate subject of secondary employment. 

Tune in for these enlightening insights and more, as the business landscape continues to evolve, these considerations will remain paramount in fostering a resilient and engaged workforce.

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