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Listen to our new podcast series - Corporate Acquisitions: Employment Insights

Episode 1 
Unravel the complexities of business acquisitions with the insight of Katie Harris, Senior Associate - Solicitor in the Employment Team and Chris Dobson, a Partner and Head of our Corporate Team, to dissect the differences between share purchases and asset purchases. Discover the key factors that can make or break your next business deal, from maintaining existing relationships in a share sale to cherry-picking the best parts of a business in an asset purchase. Find out how these decisions can impact everything from your contracts to complying with TUPE regulations—a must-know for HR professionals. 

Peek behind the curtain of due diligence—a process as essential to acquisitions as the negotiation table.  Learn how to spot liabilities before they become deal-breakers, and how crafty warranties and indemnities can fortify your sale and purchase agreement. For buyers and sellers alike, this conversation is a play book for navigating the strategic chess game of acquisitions. 

Explore the art of full disclosure, the safety net of indemnities, and the precision of crafting a sale and purchase agreement that aligns with your peace of mind. We also delve into the mechanics of earnouts, the protections necessary for sellers post-sale, and the need for restrictive covenants to avoid future competition. On this episode, Chris Dobson's expert guidance, will equip anyone in the corporate sphere with the knowledge to approach mergers and acquisitions with confidence and strategic finesse.


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