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Helen Goss

Helen Goss


Are the scales of justice in the workplace tipped too far one way? We'll help you grapple with that question as, Andy Whiteaker and Helen Goss, dissect the latest proposals on Employment Tribunal and Appeals Tribunal fees. This episode promises a riveting exploration of access to justice and the deterring effect these fees could have on weak claims.

The conversation doesn't stop there, as we also delve into the gripping drama of Gabriela Rodriguez's dismissal over a tuna sandwich, exploring the nuances of workplace theft and gross misconduct. This case serves as a springboard into the murky waters of contract service dynamics, and we examine how employment law intersects with issues of trust, reputation, and potential discrimination.

The episode takes another twist when we scrutinize the contentious 'fire and rehire' practices and the recent proposals targeted at curbing this harsh strategy. As we break down the potential legal outcomes for employees and employers, you'll gain a clearer understanding of what constitutes fair or unfair dismissal in these scenarios. With high-profile cases like the P&O dismissals shedding light on this issue, we explore the diverse political stances and potential legislative changes that could reshape this aspect of employment law. 

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