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When working with you in addressing the various issues arising from a relationship breakdown, we will consider carefully all that needs to be done to ensure that what you agree to will endure in the future.

This will involve not only ensuring agreements are legally enforceable where possible but will also consider what you can do to ensure everyone understands what is to be done, and why, so they are as committed as possible to upholding what has been agreed. In doing so, we will strive to consider as many eventualities as possible for the future so that agreements have flexibility where needed.

Changing circumstances

Despite the best efforts of lawyers or even the courts, we recognise that life is not always predictable, circumstances can change and that the practicalities of what was once agreed may not work following such changes.

Perhaps there has been a change in employment status, a previously undisclosed point has come to light, an unexpected downturn in fortunes or even a windfall such as an inheritance. Whatever the situation, we have experience in dealing with these challenging scenarios.

Whether you feel the need to change something you have previously agreed as you feel your circumstances have changed or if you are being asked to make changes by your partner to an existing agreement, we can help.

We can consider the available options with you and work to find the best possible outcome for you. We will still strive to keep you out of an expensive court process, but where appropriate we can guide you on what you need to do to either enforce an existing agreement or have a formal variation approved by the court.

When obligations are not adhered to

Sadly, even where court orders have been made or binding agreements concluded, there can also be circumstances where one party is simply unwilling to adhere to their obligations. Perhaps it is that ongoing maintenance is not being paid, a house sale is being frustrated or a child arrangements order is not being adhered to.

We understand how frustrating and stressful this can be, particularly where you may have already had to endure an arduous process to obtain the original agreement or court order. We can guide you on what can be done and help you take decisive, cost-effective and worthwhile action to enforce what has been ordered or agreed.

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