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Relationship breakdown rarely affects just the immediate family involved, it can have a profound impact on the wider family too.

In particular, if you are a parent of someone experiencing divorce or separation then you may well have a number of questions or concerns about the future:

  • You may also be a grandparent and have concerns about what the arrangements for your grandchildren will be and when you can see them.
  • You may have gifted or loaned money to your child (or the couple) and want to know what will happen to that money after divorce or separation.
  • You may own assets jointly with your child, have shared business interests or trust funds and want to know if they will be at risk.
  • You may live with your child and want to understand what impact the changing circumstances may have on your living arrangements.
  • You may want to know what you can do to help support your family through these difficult times.
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Protecting finances

We are also able to advise if you are considering assisting your child financially while they are in a relationship or married, particularly if you are considering helping them in purchasing a home.

In such circumstances you will want to know what can be done to protect the money you have provided in the event of divorce or separation. Whether it be to retain an interest yourself or to simply make sure the money is protected for your child in the event of divorce or separation.

We can guide you by explaining the impact of it being either a gift or a loan and, where appropriate, help set up formal agreements that will avoid complications later on if the worst happens.

Our approach

As family law experts, whatever your questions or concerns we can help.  As well as providing legal answers, we can draw on our wealth of experience and contacts to consider matters holistically. No matter what your role in a family, we will always work to ensure that you have the support that you need.

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