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Sometimes during divorce or separation there can be a need for urgent, emergency action to be taken to protect your financial interests.

These will be worrying and stressful times, where you might be concerned about bills being paid or money disappearing, often coinciding with the raw emotion of your relationship having recently broken down. You may not know which way to turn or what you can do to ensure you have the protection you need.

We can help demystify your circumstances and give clear, pragmatic advice to ensure you regain the most stable platform possible for then addressing the longer-term issues.

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  • Bankruptcy considerations
  • Freezing orders
  • Legal services orders
  • Maintenance pending suit (interim maintenance)
  • Matrimonial home rights
  • Preservation of assets or information

Our approach

Short-term action but with a long-term focus

We recognise that these situations are likely to create high levels of stress and anxiety and we are skilled in working with you to resolve the immediate urgent issue while never losing sight of the longer-term strategy.

Thankfully, in most circumstances it is still rare for urgent court action to be required. However, if you do need to take urgent steps to protect your position then we have the expertise and experience to advise and to act rapidly and robustly on your behalf.


Frequently asked questions

What to do if your spouse has cut you off financially and you do not have money to live off?

If you are married, it may be that you can seek an urgent interim monthly payment from your spouse while the divorce and associated financial arrangements are resolved in the long term. This is known as Maintenance Pending Suit.

These applications can be a complex and at times expensive exercise, but in many cases will be necessary to ensure short-term financial security. We can help you assess them carefully and advise on any alternative options.

We have extensive experience in acting for people both seeking or opposing a Maintenance Pending Suit claim. We will use our expertise to guide you, attempt to negotiate an agreed way forward for the interim and, if necessary, to robustly address the matter at court.

What to do if you are worried about money or other assets being inappropriately spent or moved out of reach and hidden?

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to consider whether to seek a Freezing Order from the court to preserve assets and prevent the other party from doing anything untoward. Careful judgement is needed to assess the merits of this type of action, particularly as pursuing it through the court can be a costly and potentially risky step.

We can guide you and assist every step of the way if action is needed, as well as considering other pragmatic steps you may wish to take.

What to do if you are not the legal owner of your home?

If you are married, it is likely that you will be able to register a Matrimonial Home Rights Notice with the land registry to register your right to occupy the property. This effectively prevents the property from being sold or transferred by giving you rights in priority over any prospective new owner. It also prevents any prospect of you being legally evicted.

There may also be practical issues to consider including what to do if you are locked out or if it is not safe to live at the property with your partner. We can guide you in these circumstances and advise on what injunctions may be appropriate to safely secure your use of your home.

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