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Divorce and separation do not always involve conflict. Many couples choose to separate amicably, working together to meet shared goals that benefit them and their family. Most of these couples will still want the reassurance of using an experienced professional to manage the process with them from start to finish to ensure that all agreements are legally formalised.

If this sounds like you, our One Lawyer Support service can help. One lawyer will work with you both to guide you through your separation or divorce together, helping to formalise everything in a conflict-free process.


In our experience, every case is different, but our support generally covers the following:

  • Assisting with completing, filing and progressing the divorce itself (most commonly under a joint application).
  • Assisting you both in collating, preparing, understanding and analysing financial disclosure so that you are both fully informed.
  • Providing information about the options that are available for settlement based on your financial circumstances.
  • Recording the terms of any agreements made between you in a formal manner, including drafting a consent order.
  • Dealing with all the necessary paperwork for the court.

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Frequently asked questions

Why might we need this service if we have already agreed everything?

Even if you have agreed everything it is important to protect yourselves by entering into binding legal agreements.

As a minimum, you should ensure that financial agreements are properly recorded (usually as a court order, known as a consent order).  

We can also check whether there is something you may inadvertently have missed.

What happens if we discover a point where we cannot agree?

One Lawyer Support is designed to assist in circumstances where there is no conflict. If at any stage you do not agree on something, we will signpost you to appropriate support to help get you back on track, whether it is independent legal advice, financial advice or other expert opinion.

Alternatively, you can move to another of our joint services, such as mediation or early neutral evaluation to help unlock disputes.

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