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We are proud to offer a range of ground-breaking joint services to help separating couples achieve the best possible outcomes for them and their families. 

You work together with one lawyer, whose expertise helps you to resolve your divorce or separation issues. One couple. One professional. Solving issues together.

The process becomes a faster, less expensive and generally more positive experience.

Our approach

We recognise that no two separations or divorces are the same and that each couple has their own unique set of circumstances and concerns following the breakdown of a relationship. You may already be amicable and want neutral expert guidance, have a degree of conflict, or simply need guidance on where to begin.  Our flexible support begins wherever you need it to.

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Frequetly asked questions

What are the advantages of using the same lawyer?

Minimises conflict: working together with one professional means you are both focussed on finding the best outcome for your circumstances. This is in contrast to each of you adopting positional stances based on what is best for only one of you.

Faster: any delays of communicating via individual solicitors are removed and the overall process is quicker.

Flexible: your process can be designed around you and your life, going at the pace you require and focussing on your objectives.

Less expensive:  using one professional between you will cost less.



Which joint service is right for me?

We recommend starting with the AIM, where we help you to identify the best way forward with a bespoke roadmap for you as a couple based on your specific circumstances. The One Lawyer Support approach is where matters are already agreed, likely to be agreed, or where the circumstances are very straightforward. Mediation and/or Early Neutral Evaluation are more appropriate where matters are more complex or where there is more in dispute.

Is it possible to move between joint services?

Yes. We recommend starting with the AIM. From there you can move into any of the other joint services (Mediation, One Lawyer Support or ENE) or even to one of you instructing us on a sole basis if that is preferred.

Do we have to be amicable to use a joint service?

No. While some services, such as One Lawyer Support, are unlikely to be suitable unless you are already amicable, others such as Mediation and ENE can still be highly successful in situations with high conflict or animosity.

What happens if we cannot reach an agreement?

Our joint services offer flexibility so that you can use different methods to explore whether you have the ability to reach agreement. However, sometimes it may not be possible, perhaps due to the complexity of the issues, or just because you cannot agree on an outcome that is acceptable to you both even after receiving guidance via Early Neutral Evaluation. In those circumstances, we will work with you to narrow the issues and then, support the two of you in having matters determined, most likely by an independent arbitrator.

Can either of us still take independent legal advice?

Yes. We will help you to identify any specific areas of complexity where independent advice may be beneficial. If independent advice is required we can signpost you to appropriate lawyers who will provide it alongside the joint process.

Are there circumstances where a joint service would not be appropriate?

Yes. A joint service may not be for everyone. If you have particularly complicated circumstances or if there are issues of domestic abuse then it may be more appropriate to consider independent advice. We still offer those services too. Alternatively, we can discuss with you how our joint processes can be adapted to meet your needs. For example, it is common for mediation to be adapted to operate on a ‘shuttle basis’ where you do not come into direct contact with one another.

Is one lawyer able to assist both parties on divorce?

Yes. We are fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and, where appropriate, by the Family Mediation Council. Mediation has existed as a service for many years and we have considerable experience in assisting both sides of a couple. What we cannot do is to provide separate individual advice to both parties to a divorce or separation. Our services are designed around this, but with the ability to take that advice elsewhere if it becomes necessary at any stage.

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